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2017-2018 Staff

Alaire Kanes


Alaire is a Junior at Rye High School and a first-year editor of The Garnet Mine.  Outside of school, Alaire enjoys playing the guitar and traveling the world! At home, Alaire has one older sister and a dog named Callie that...

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Max Kenney


Max Kenney, a Senior at Rye High school is known to be "king of temp" with his buddy Mike Wein, and goes through over ten water bottles a day drinking as much water as he can looking to earn a sponsorship with Poland spring.  This...

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Finn Westerink


  Finn, a junior at Rye High School and a first year editor on The Garnet Mine is extremely excited to start publishing things for the website. Finn has interest in sports and politics, he gathers information mostly pertaining...

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Peter Ackerman


Peter Ackerman is a senior and this is his first year contributing to The Garnet Mine.  At school he is involved with the Investment Club and tennis team.  He hopes to contribute political articles along with music news and...

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Liam White


Liam White, a senior a Rye High School is beginning his first year in Web Journalism.  Last year, Liam was a leader in Geometry, Chemistry, and Global 11 classes.  He also played on the Garnets Varsity Football Team, where he...

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Jack Hartman


Jack Hartman is a senior at Rye High School and this is his first year as an editor for The Garnet Mine.  Jack is a captain for the Rye High School Crew Team, where he won nationals last spring in Sarasota, Florida.  Jack enjoys...

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Miles Goldman


Miles Goldman, MG, a senior at Rye High School is an administrator for the Garnet Mine. It is his second year of being a writer for the website, and looks forward to writing about new movies and TV shows that come out. He additionally...

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Ella Garnett


Ella Garnett, a Junior at Rye High, joined The Garnet Mine for her love and skill of writing and journalism. Ella is a model student she gets good grades, plays girls rugby for the school, and even participates in theater. She...

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Henry Friedrich


Junior Henry Friedrich is truly a jack of all trades. Whether he is speaking to kids about substance abuse, hitting balls on the diamond, or volunteering his time to the Adopt a Soldier club; he is a constant part of the school...

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Tommy Monaghan


Tommy Monaghan, a junior at Rye High School, is excited to be joining the Garnet Mine in its second year. He became interested in the Mine after enjoying reading its past articles. A basketball player, Tommy's favorite type of...

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Grace Macdonald


Grace Macdonald is a sophomore at Rye High School. She enjoys watching CNN and Fox News, and is very interested in politics. Grace joined The Garnet Mine because of her interest in writing and journalism. She is a member of the...

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Johnny Cronin


Johnny Cronin is a junior who is interested in sports and world news. He gets most of his news from ESPN, CNN, and Bleacher Report. He joined Web Journalism because he was inspired by the great feedback from last year's journalists....

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Giancarlo DelliColli


Giancarlo DelliColli is a junior at Rye High who is looking forward to the great opportunity to be a part of the Garnet Mine this year despite unexpectedly joining.  He is friendly, approachable, and Giancarlo is interested...

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Isabelle Schindler


A junior at Rye High School, Isabelle Schindler contributes to nearly every aspect of her community. While her main interest is politics, Isabelle has developed a serious interest in rock climbing as well as travel.  Isabelle...

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Ben Grigg


Ben Grigg is a senior at Rye High School, and joined the Garnet Mine during its first year. Ben enjoys reporting on professional sports, and will be doing weekly articles on the NFL and NBA throughout the year. Ben joined The...

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Hall Luthringer


Hall Luthringer, 'Luth',  is a senior at RHS and a member of the Garnet Mine team. He enjoys delivering sports scores and political news to the community, as well as nominating people for "student of the day." Boating, rowing,...

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Carl Friedrich


As a senior and rookie editor for the Garnet Mine, Carl Friedrich is excited and looking forward to being part of the team. Carl is involved in the sports community as a two year captain for the Boys Varsity Soccer Team, also...

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Michael Weinstein


Michael Weinstein also known as "Wein" a junior at Rye High School is a member of both Web Journalism and the Rye High School Varsity Football team. Michael is a very dedicated athlete and student in school and works hard to achieve...

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Alex Goldstein


Alex Goldstein is a Junior at Rye High School. He is on the varsity football and lacrosse teams. Alex is in Web Journalism to better his writing skills and deliver sports news to the community. Alex particularly enjoys writing...

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Tony Campbell


Mr. Campbell has been the Rye Stagecoach Yearbook adviser for seven years. After visiting a handful of workshops on Web Journalism at the annual  Columbia Scholastic press association conference he began work on creating the...

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