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Lady Bird Movie Review

The coming-of-age movie of all coming-of-age movies.

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I’ve never fully understood the phrase “coming-of-age.”  How do people come of age? What does that even mean? I’ve watched my fair share of movies regarding the ~mystery~ that is adolescence, believe me, and while some are rather accurate, none have been able to fully capture my experience (so far) of what being a teenager is truly like. Coming-of-age movies are either so far-fetched, with fleeting moments of genuineness, that they miss any basic connection, or they follow a teenager who accomplishes something insanely exceptional.

In the movie Lady Bird, Christine, “Lady Bird,” is simply being a 17 year old.

Lady Bird is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Although I’ve only seen a handful of great movies in my mere 16 years of living, this movie is without a doubt one I will remember forever. I expected to fall in love with this movie, -after all, critics’ reviews have been unanimously positive-and I wholeheartedly did. As my fellow movie goer, Garnet Miner, and angsty teenage girl connoisseur Ella Garnett stated, Lady Bird is the kind of movie everyone should be required to see.

The official Lady Bird movie poster.

Saorise Ronan’s performance as the namesake, Lady Bird, was stunning. Her emotional endurance must’ve been incredibly high in order to play such a passionate, intense roll. I’ve never seen teenage girls portrayed in the media with the complexity that Lady Bird demonstrated, a factor that, when lacking, can ruin the legitimacy of any movie. Anyone who had been a teenage girl, anyone who has ever parented a teenage girl, anyone who has ever loved a teenage girl, any teenage girl herself knows that Lady Bird nails the whirlwind that is the ever-changing –yet loving– relationship between mother and daughter. “Tumultuous,” (the word used to describe Christine’s experience in any of the movie’s official synopses) couldn’t be a more accurate adjective to describe what it’s like to…just live.  The understated way Ladybird tells the story of the life of a teen girl is remarkable. The sheer realness of the film is what will, without a doubt, propel it into the coming-of age-movie hall of fame.

I’m sure anyone who is from Sacramento can say that the feeling Lady Bird creates with its dream-like, romantic coloration is the exact feeling Sacramento gives off itself. A major part of the movie is the setting, and Greta Gerwig herself states how Lady Bird is really her personal love letter to Sacramento, where she grew up. Watching the movie, I felt the intimate connection with and appreciation for Sacramento that Lady Bird felt throughout the movie. Dave Matthews’s Crash Into Me was a major part of the soundtrack, and if that doesn’t set the early 2000’s scene well enough, I don’t know what does.

Director Greta Gerwig gives direction to Saoirse Ronan and Timotheé Chalamet.

Senior Melissa begin stated “This movie was powerful in the way that it showed life as it is, not as it should be.” I couldn’t agree more. Laurie Metcalf, who played Christine’s mom, was just as imperative to the story as Lady Bird herself. But the movie was magical in its ability to fulfill every other supporting character’s purpose too (young actors Beanie Feldstein, Timothee Chalamet, and Lucas Hedges, among others, performed with the maturity and grace of seasoned pros), making every character’s relationship with Christine imperative to the plot– and to Lady Bird’s own adolescence.

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Lady Bird Movie Review