Rye Girls Field Hockey 2016-17

Shannon Ryan and Emily Jackson

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The Rye Girls Field Hockey Team

The Rye Girls Field Hockey Team

The Rye Girls Field Hockey team has started off their season with 6 wins and only one loss, against Lakeland High School.

Their coach Simone is, “really intense, but a very good coach,” says junior Kelly Ott.

Before games, the team gets into a circle and does sprints while listening to music as, their coach, Simone claps his hands.

The Girls pose together in matching sweaters, courtesy of Mrs.Christopher.

 Junior, Kelly Ott said, “My favorite part of the team is how close everyone is.”

The team has many dinners at Mamaroneck Diner and team member’s houses.

Sophomore, Annie Kirkpatrick said, “We are a really young team.” The team currently has 4 freshman, 4 sophomores, 7 juniors, and only 2 seniors.