The Downfall of Drake Bell

Famous Child Star Struggles to Make It Big


Miles Goldman, Administrator

Drake Bell was once the face of Nickelodeon. As the star of the hit TV show Drake and Josh from the years 2004 till 2007, he had a bright future ahead of him. He was handsome, talented, a great actor, and could sing. Additionally, he had spot on comedic timing with his co-star Josh Peck, and managed to be extremely likable.

Drake Bell, along side co-star Josh Peck on the poster for their hit TV show “Drake and Josh.”

Before Drake and Josh, Bell previously had starred in Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show from 1999 till 2002, and Nickelodeon’s All That in the years 2004 and 2005.

Drake Bell and his co-stars on the poster for The Amanda Show.

Once Drake and Josh had ended, Bell was at his peak. Everyone was waiting for what projects he would tackle next. It was pretty obvious that Bell couldn’t get over his Drake and Josh┬ástardom, so he immediately starred in a full length Drake and Josh Christmas Special that premiered on Nickelodeon about a year after the show ended, titled Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh.

Unfortunately after Bell’s Nickelodeon stardom, he has barely been seen. In 2007, Bell was on his high horse and purchased a 2,640 square-foot house in Los Feliz for $2,050,000. But that soon came back to haunt him.

In 2014, Bell filed for bankruptcy in California, and his house was taken in foreclosure. He was in debt for $581,000, and struggled to get any acting gigs to support him.

As Bell struggled to find any roles in Hollywood, he had a lot of free time on his hands. One of the activities he loved doing was targeting celebrity Justin Bieber on Twitter, and tweeting obscenities at him for no reason.

Bell clearly mocking Bieber for wearing mascara
Bell targeting Bieber for wearing a controversial hat





These weren’t the only controversial tweets Bell has had towards celebrities. In June of 2017, ex co-star and best friend Josh Peck decided to not invite Bell to his wedding. This sparked fury and rage in Bell, and he decided to resort to Twitter to express his feelings. He decided to announce that “ties are officially cut” with Peck.

The first of many tweets from Bell targeted toward Peck
Another overdramatic and childish tweet by Bell

Josh Peck then proceeded to speak publicly about the tweets, and claimed that him and Bell hadn’t spoken to each other in years, and were no longer friends. When Bell went bankrupt back in 2014 and wanted to make a comeback Drake and Josh movie so he could make a profit, Peck spoke out saying that he wasn’t going to help his ex-friend crawl out of debt by making a Drake and Josh film. Thankfully, the two were able to reunite and become friends again, but Peck definitely felt uncomfortable.

Bell and Peck in 2004
Bell and Peck in 2017

The final straw for Bell was actually just the other week when he was performing with his band for a crowd of high schoolers, and decided to have a major meltdown. A group of high schoolers kept repeatedly hurdling balls at Bell while he was trying to perform the Drake and Josh theme song. Instead of politely asking them to stop, he thought it would be the right course of action to throw the balls as hard as he could back at the high schoolers.

As a whole, it is clear that Bell still has a lot of growing up to do. We can only hope that he overcomes his immature tendencies, and finally get back on his feet.

Senior Chris Mullane stated, “I’m a huge fan of Bell’s music– particularly his original “Hollywood Girl.” Clearly, I am bummed that he keeps making poor decisions.

Senior Finn McSweeney said, “Everyone knows how big of a fan I am of Drake and Josh. So, yeah… this bums me out big time. We can only hope that he turns his life around.”

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