Rye High School Pep Rally


Rafael Rodriguez

Cheer captains giving their pep talk. Pictured from left to right: Isabel Arenas, Jenny Kim, and Haley Alexa.

Sara Buffone and Ileana Reese, Rafael Rodriguez, and Cecilia Wall

Unlike the previous years, the 2016 Garnet Pep Rally was held outside in the middle of the football stadium, due the, “unbearable heat this September,” claimed senior, Rafael Rodriguez.

Right in the middle of the field, planted on the “G”, the seniors participated in a flash mob right. Cecilia Wall, another fellow senior, claimed that, “the pep rally was brutally hot, but a fun experience, especially since it was held outside.”

Cheerleading captains, Haley Alexa, Jenny Kim, and Isabel Arenas, “brought great enthusiasm to the stands and got us all even more excited for the upcoming football season!” said senior Charlie Nagle.

The enthusiasm and the excitement helped Rye took home the win the next day, beginning the season with a victory of 42-12.