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The Big Sick Movie Review

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On Sunday, July 16, I was lying in bed when I got a snap message from Ryan Kirkpatrick. An incoming freshman at Denison University, Ryan only had about a month left in his hometown of Rye to partake in different activities. One of his favorite activities was going down to the local AMC Theatre in Port Chester, New York and seeing different chick-flicks that would come out. When I checked my phone to see that Kirkpatrick had snap messaged me “Hey. The Big Sick?” I knew I didn’t even have to think. I knew I was in for something special.

As Ryan and I sat in the moderately crowded theatre directly behind two girls that went to our school, we dug our hands into the large buttery popcorn that we shared and sipped on our courtesy cups of water as we anticipated what we hoped to be one of the best movies of the year. With the film holding an outstanding 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, Ryan and I can proudly say that The Big Sick lives up to the hype. The Big Sick is directed by Michael Showalter, who has experience behind and in front of the camera. Showalter actually wrote and starred in the Wet Hot American Summer movie and TV series.

This is Showalter playing the comedic role of Coop in Wet Hot American Summer.

So, as a whole I was extremely eager to see what Showalter had to bring to the table considering I adored his other work. But what actually intrigued me the most about the film was the authenticity of the story. The Big Sick follows Kumail Nanjiani as himself, in which he plays a comedian living in Chicago who additionally works as an Uber driver, where he struggles to find a true soulmate due to the fact that him and his family are Pakistani Muslim, and it is required that he is arranged to marry a Pakistani woman. As Kumail is constantly being set up by his parents to meet different Pakistani women, he ultimately becomes irritated, where he struggles to connect with any of the women. Eventually, Kumail comes across a white girl, Emily, played by Zoe Kazan, during one of his stand up comedy routines. As they instantly connect and pursue seeing each other for a portion of time, Kumail ultimately hides this from his parents. It isn’t until she suddenly becomes deathly ill and put into a coma, when Kumail has to face many obstacles such as fear of Emily’s death, dealing with Emily’s parents, and dealing with his own parents. As the movie sounds like it could be a hard-hitting drama, it actually has the perfect balance of comedy and drama to keep you engaged. Holly Hunter and Ray Romano play Emily’s confused and emotional parents, and they couldn’t have done a better job. Ray Romano gives the best performance of his entire career, delivering the biggest laughs in the film as well as proving he has an incredible emotional range.

Ray Romano and Holly Hunter playing the roles as Emily’s parents.

Oscar Watch: Can Holly Hunter and Ray Romano Ride ‘The Big Sick’ to Nominations?What floored me the most about the film is that it is actually based on Kumail’s real life story of how he met his wife. Kumail actually wrote the film, alongside his wife to deliver the best trans genre of comedy and drama I’ve seen in years. The movie never meanders, and always keeps you engaged, even at a lengthy 2 hours. With the film balancing so many themes and ideas, it accomplishes so much while not being too over complicated or hard to follow. Not to mention, Kumail Nanjiani is clearly going to be the next big star. He is so likable that you can’t help but root for him to be happy the entire film. He delivers his dialogue with such charisma and charm, as well as being able to handle the emotional scenes with such demand of the screen. Zoe Kazan as Emily couldn’t have been better casted, where you can completely see why Kumail would fall for her. As a viewer, you root and care for her even though her screen time is cut short.

Senior Chris Mullane said “The Big Sick is such a heartwarming story. I highly recommend it.”

Additionally senior Walter Mason said “Go see the flick. It’s definitely worth watching.”

This movie premiered at prestigious film festivals such as Sundance and South by Southwest, and went on to make upwards of 52 million dollars at the worldwide box office on only a 5 million dollar budget. In a busy summer filled with franchise films such as Transformers 5, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Pirates of the Caribbean 5, and Guardian of the Galaxy 2, it was so refreshing to see a completely original movie with no special effects or big name actors that was able to engross me way more than any of those films. The Big Sick will make you laugh and it will make you cry if you have a big heart like Ryan and I. As Ryan goes off to college, I couldn’t think of a better film for us to bond over.

Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan

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The Big Sick Movie Review