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American Vandal: Netflix Series Review

Mockumentary Delivers Laughs and Intrigue

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American Vandal, Netflix’s latest original series, dropped on September 15 with many confused as to what the point of it was. Recently, Netflix canceled one of their cult shows Sense 8 which had many avid viewers of the show up in arms. Then, Netflix dropped a trailer for their new series, American Vandal, causing lots of backlash. The trailer dropped on Youtube and reported an estimated 2,000 dislikes, with lots of negative comments regarding the series’ plot and absurdity.

With the series holding a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes a few days prior to its release, many, including myself, were shocked. The series was praised for its absurdity and ability to make the stupidity of the plot so intriguing. As I finished the series after watching it over the course of a couple days, I completely understood the hype.

American Vandal follows underachieving class clown Dylan Maxwell, played by Jimmy Tatro, who is a rebellious High School student at Hanover High School. He has always had a bad reputation around the school, where he is known for taunting and pranking his teachers and classmates. After 27 of the teachers’ cars are found with spray-painted obscene images on them in the school parking lot, Dylan is the only suspect for who could’ve committed this crime.

Jimmy Tatro as Dylan Maxwell

The show is a mockumentary that pokes fun at overdramatic true crime shows such as Netflix’s Making a Murderer and the popular podcast Serial. American Vandal perfectly balances satirical over the top comedy with great intrigue and suspense. Surprisingly, the show has you on the edge of your seat the whole time and it is truly hard to stop watching. The series is only eight episodes, but each episode has you continuously changing your mind on who could have committed the crime, while also providing consistent laugh out loud moments.

The humor of the show is fairly crude so it is recommended to watch the show if you don’t get offended easily. Every character has so much depth and personality that you end up relating to them and rooting for many of them to be innocent. The character of Alex Trimboli, played by Calum Worthy, for example, is the character who accused Dylan Maxwell of committing the crime. While he comes off as the series’ main antagonist, you can’t help but laugh at all his ridiculous accusations and jokes.

The hysterical Alex Trimboli

Another fan favorite character is Mr. Kraz, played by comedian Ryan O’Flanagan. He portrays a Social Studies teacher with absolutely no filter, who is determined to prove to his students that he’s still young and hip, but he ultimately comes off as creepy and hysterical at the same time.

Ryan O’Flanagan as Mr. Craz, jamming out on the guitar

The series is definitely a must watch. Jimmy Tatro, the main star had struggled to make it big in Hollywood prior to the airing of this show. He was an avid Youtuber and Viner but could never quite land a leading role in anything. After the hit of this show, it is clear that Tatro will soon become a rising star in Hollywood.

Jimmy Tatro, circa four years ago on social media application Vine

With the series garnering such a following, there is speculation that a Season 2 will arise. It is rumored that American Vandal will be an anthology series, in which there will be multiple seasons with each individual season featuring a new cast of characters, and a new crime.

Senior Jimmy Cronin said, “American Vandal is laugh out loud funny. It is a must watch.”

Additionally senior Kyle Gardner said “I watched all of American Vandal in one night and I don’t regret it. It is truly the funniest show I’ve ever seen.”

We can only hope a Season 2 happens, because as of now American Vandal is one of the funniest and most clever shows I’ve ever watched. I would give American Vandal a rating of an A.

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  1. adviser on October 10th, 2017 1:16 pm

    Nice article fellas. I’ll end up watching it


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American Vandal: Netflix Series Review