Tanaka is terrible

Tanakas struggles continue vs Red Sox


Kyle Gardner, Editor

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The Yankees have lost seven of the 12 games Tanaka has pitched. Junior, Will Tepedino expressed his dismay with Tanaka stating “HE IS TERRIBLE!”.  He also can’t keep the ball inside the park. In 2015, he allowed a career-high 25 homers in 24 starts. He has allowed 17 in 12 starts so far this season. He didn’t have 17 homeruns given up until August 31st last year. Junior Jared Olbrys stated that “Tanaka has been a huge let down”.Unfortunately the Yankees can’t send him down to the minors. According to Tanaka’s contract he cannot be sent down to the minor leagues beacause he is an international player on a max contract. One possible option for handling Tanaka would be to “DL” him. Although it is illegal to DL and uninjured player in the MLB it happens all the time. If the Yankees want to continue to lose every fith day because of Tanaka then they will leave him out there. But if the Yankees are smart enough they will do something about Tanaka to savor the slim lead they have in the AL East.