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Graphic Illustrators

Graphic Design Class Illustrates with a Point...Tool

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After a series of projects utilizing Adobe Photoshop software, Graphic Design students did a series of projects exploring Adobe Illustrator to add to their digital imaging repertoire. After getting to know how to trace placed objects using mostly the pen tool to create layers of shapes, they then completed illustrations of objects using placed photographs as source imagery.

The Graphic Design class gives students a good amount of experience using both Adobe applications (Illustrator and Photoshop) for their digital images. After using Illustrator some of the students still preferred the Photoshop program that they were more familiar with. “I like the ease of using Photoshop – Illustrator has a lot of hidden keybinds that can alter an entire project with one misstep. Photoshop is a good program if you want to alter an image. Maybe I’m biased since I’ve used Photoshop for longer.”, said junior Hugo Job.

Some students thought that Illustrator gave them more creative possibilities. “Photoshop is easier for me to use than Illustrator, but I think that Illustrator has some really good qualities that Photoshop does not have. In illustrator, you can trace things and make things that are hard to make on Photoshop, but on Photoshop, you can morph things and put things together. I like them both; they’re both useful.”, said junior Elva Rothman.

But there are definitely times when one or the other program is more useful, depending upon what you are trying to accomplish. Students in the class became very clear on the difference. “Illustrator can be good when you are trying to give a real image a graphic effect, but keep it looking realistic at the same time. This is because Photoshop makes it a little harder to trace certain objects.”, said junior Ainsley Schulz.

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Graphic Illustrators