Rye Girls Squash 2016/17 Season Preview

Squash em’

Freshman Clare Cassidy running for the ball.

With many Freshman players, the Girls Squash team now consists of four separate teams. Without cuts, there are two varsities and two JV teams. Mr. Campbell coaches the Varsity A team, as well as the JV Black and Red team. Mr. Griffin coaches the Varsity B team.

The girls practice at Lifetime Fitness, in Harrison NY. Practices are an hour long and held three days a week. Each team practices at different times, but matches sometimes consist of all teams and are a great way to bond as a whole.

Junior Mackenzie Norton, currently on Team 3, said “Squash is a super fun sport and I love being on the team! We have a lot of new players this year and a wide variety of experience which is really cool. I’m supper excited for the season!”

Junior, Caroline Baldwin, All American Varsity A captain, said “I’m excited for this upcoming season because everyone has been working really hard all year round and playing in lots of tournaments, so I think we have the potential to do well at nationals!”