A chat with Beck: nonbinary stereotypes addition


Beck Iannucci

As nonbinary people continue to be talked about, we´ve had quite a few stereotypes come our way. I see most of this behavior on TikTok, but it has definitely spread to other forms of social media — like Twitter. So let’s debunk these ideas.

¨All nonbinary people are obsessed with frogs.¨ No, absolutely not. Firstly, I don’t think anyone hates frogs. Yes, this has become a joke for the community to laugh about but it´s weird when cishet people take part and comment frog emojis on a enby´s post or make jokes about it. It´s awkward to make jokes about someone else´s identity and it´s really not your place. I´m not sure where this idea started but it´s really bizarre. 

¨All nonbinary people love Mother Mother.¨ I first heard this on TikTok and was extremely confused. I´m enby but I hadn´t heard a Mother Mother song until then — or at least the entirety of one. I had been hearing the bits of their songs on cosplay TikTok and didn´t realize. I actually ended up loving their music so I´m glad I found the band, but that doesn´t mean the stereotype makes sense. There are often jokes that every sexuality has a song. Obviously just because that´s the song associated with you, doesn´t mean you like it. But enbys are the first group I´ve seen have a band associated with them. Lesbians and Hayley Kiyoko are usually assumed, but Kiyoko, nicknamed Lesbian Jesus by her fanbase, is a solo singer. Other than those two examples, I don´t know of other identities that have a singer or band ¨tied¨ to them.

¨Nonbinary people have to be masc or androgynous and can´t dress in clothing assigned to their birth gender.¨ For some reason, there is this idea that nonbinary people shouldn´t do traditionally feminine things like wearing makeup or a skirt. On the same spectrum, I´ve seen an expectation for nonbinary people to dress masc but if they´re ¨too masculine¨ they´re invalid. You see this especially with people who were amab. They´re seen as a man if they dress masc but there is the expectation that nonbinary people shouldn´t be femme either. It´s this fragile territory made by cis people that´s so restricting that you can the ground breaking from under you. As long as they feel comfortable nonbinary people can wear whatever they want, regardless of others.

¨All nonbinary people have short hair.¨ This is the same as the clothing one. It´s incredibly stupid and all comes down to personal comfort level. I know plenty of nonbinary people that are comfortable having long hair. The awful thing is that we´ve been taught that long hair is for girls and short hair is for boys and it´s not true. Plenty of cis people don´t fit into that mold too. You can also be androgynous and have long hair. That´s so valid. You don´t have to do anything to your body or style if you don´t want to.