The first week of pride month: everything you missed


Beck Iannucci

TW: shooting, religion, conversion therapy  

We´re starting off this pride month with a lot of events and unfortunately, they´re not all good. So let´s start with the positives first.

Good news

  1. Tony Evers, the governor of Wisconsin, is banning  LGBTQ+ conversion therapy from being funded by the state or federal government. For those who don´t know, conversion therapy is trying to force someone to become cis or straight — usually through violent tactics. Many places — US states even — still have legal conversion therapy. Cutting off their funding is a huge step to dismantling them!
  2. Govern Tony Evers also advocated for a pride flag to be flown over the statehouse all of June! He cited many reasons for the importance of the flag-raising. He stated that the pride flag will show Wisonconisne’s commitment and the progress they have yet to make, along with acknowledging history.
  3. Lastly, Governor Tony Evers advocated for state documents to use gender-neutral language! This would be a huge step to making legal documents more friendly to all.
  4. Sebastián Piñera, the president of Chile, has declared he will fight to make same-sex marriage legal in Chile! A same-sex marriage bill has been fighting its way through Chile since 2017. If President Piñera can get the bill past parliament this time, there is a chance it will pass. As a result of this bill, joint parent rights would be made available because queer couples would be recognized as a married couple by the government.
  5. Rick Wiles, the man who claimed that God made Covid to harm queer people, is diagnosed with Covid. Talk about karma. He claims trans kids gave him Covid. Despite the absurdity of that statement, he´s still weak and suffering. Probably humiliated as well because, by his logic that only queer people get the virus, that would make him queer. As a homophobe, he must be appalled. The man that proudly declared he is in favor of genocide will probably be in the hospital for a while.
  6. In another instant karma story, a group of boaters that were screaming homophobic slurs at a family that had a pride flag on their boat caught fire. The homophobes literally burst into flames. Despite being deeply affected by screaming prior, they saved the other boat. Hopefully, the boaters will think twice before yelling slurs at people again and will take note of the kindness they were shown, despite their wrongdoing.
  7. The straight and cis founder of the LGB alliance, an alliance that wants to ban trans women from woman´s spaces (basically a TERF) is stepping down from her position. Though they have new people on board to join, I´m hopeful that losing their leader means these crazy TERFS will soon be deplatformed.
  8. Three US embassies — Namibia, the Bahamas, and the Vatican — are flying pride flags this pride month. You may remember that Donald Trump, the former US president, banned embassies from flying pride flags. President Biden reversed this ban, bringing back the flag this year!
  9. The game Tell Me Why is available for free this pride month and after pride month it will stay free to those who download! If you´re looking for a video game with trans rep, now it the time to download!
  10. Loki is finally confirmed queer after years of speculation among fans.

Unfortunate news

  1. The man who took down a pride flag from New York city hall was found not guilty. He posted a video of the incident to his own YouTube channel so there was evidence, but he argued that it was his constitutional right to take down the flag and he won.
  2. Funding for queer people is cut in Florida. You may remember the Pulse nightclub shooting that took place almost five years ago. There was a proposed plan to give survivors mental health counseling. This plan also included help for homeless queer youth.
  3. Florida bans trans girls from sports.
  4. A group of women at the pool tried to kick out a black queer couple for kissing. Meanwhile, the straight people could kiss near them and that was fine. It wasn´t really ¨about the children¨, as they put it, but about their own prejudice.
  5. A nonbinary student was attacked for wearing a pride flag back in May. The incident is still under investigation. The student´s sibling shared the video on June 1st, a few days after the incident, trying to bring justice.
  6. A Twitch streamer targeted queer people and did not receive a permanent ban, only a temporary one, showing Twitch needs to step up.
  7. A group of people in Lithuania painted over a rainbow crosswalk. In this same week, a same-sex marriage bill was vetoed.
  8. Love Island declares that adding gay people to their show is too difficult.
  9. In Uganda, a same-sex wedding is raided by police, with the attendees being arrested.
  10. A Christan group makes a filter that will remove queer posts so people ¨don’t have to see the devil¨ and claims that the queer community is a cult.
  11. Facebook banned posts about conversion therapy, yet posts are still up on Arabic Facebook.