A chat with beck: the disgusting way TikTokers treat survivors


Beck Iannucci

TW: abuse, rape

I have been using TikTok for over a year now and I’ve been seeing this problem actively growing. Whenever a survivor tries to speak out someone in the comments takes the abuser’s side and it’s appalling. Comments like “maybe your rapist was raped too” and “maybe your abuser was also abused” are becoming common.

I’m not sure why so many are flocking to show empathy for abusers. It feels a lot like victim-blaming. It seems like these people want the victims of these acts to forgive and forget. Meanwhile, it’s the abuser that should be punished. Yes, there are harsh punishments, as there should be. Why are we advocating for lessening that? It’s mind-boggling.

But what if some of these people are trolls? If you’re leaving comments like these as a joke then either you don’t understand the weight of your actions or you don’t care. If willing to bet that you know, you just don’t care. These people get some sick laugh out of the trauma of others. It’s appalling and they should be ashamed.