A chat with Beck: rainbow capitalism addition

A chat with Beck: rainbow capitalism addition

Beck Iannucci

June is in a few days! Because of that, I wanted to remind everyone how harmful rainbow capitalism can be. 

So what is rainbow capitalism? Selling pride merch, usually without donating any of the profits, to make money off of queer people. Usually these stores don´t speak up when they see injustice either and are overall cowardly. A good example of this is Bethesda, a company who changed their profile to a rainbow but only in places with overall acceptance. Since being gay isn´t widely accepted in Russia, they kept their Russia Twitter in black and white. 

Some still don’t see the problem with this. They think that rainbow capitalism is acceptance. Often this is paired with ¨twenty years ago you’d never have this¨ which is a bizarre excuse. Just because something exists now that couldn’t exist before doesn’t mean it’s great. Like with Bethesda, these companies are afraid that homophobes will boycott them. It´s make money off queer people but hide that we´re doing it. When instead we could be supporting actual queer creators. We should be giving our money to them instead of fueling these companies. It´s bizarre to want to support queer people but then not buy from them. You have the energy, but your efforts are poorly executed.

But Beck, what if these companies are actually supportive? Good question. Target was speaking out for gay marriage back in 2015, showing that there are definitely companies that didn ‘t hide. Question is, would you rather have a small portion of profits go to queer people or the whole thing?

Not to mention that queer people know how to design things for other queer people. Some of these lines are horrendous because so little thought was put into them. Not only that, you have companies using the incorrect lesbian flag and not using the updated pride flag. It’s a total mess. Why bother with it?