Demi came out as nonbinary yesterday


Beck Iannucci

TW: rehab, addiction, relapse, misgendering

Demi Lavato is yet another singer sharing their truth with us this year. I’m incredibly proud of them. Based on what I´ve heard, they´ve been through a lot. I know they’ve released songs about their addiction and being in rehab. Plus, dealing with an addiction in a pandemic can´t be easy. It breaks my heart to keep hearing relapse stories that were influenced by the isolation of the pandemic. Feeling like you´re going through this alone must be so tough, and then you put being misgendered on the list and the fear of speaking out. It just piles on.

I don’t want these negative reactions to their coming out to get to them. They´re strong and they matter more than some twat in their Insta replies. Nonbinary people matter and will always matter. Stay strong.