The Yanks are Back?


Ryan Surhoff

What was wrong?

Usually with the Yankees you would think the pitching is weighing them down because the offence is always lethal in New York, but the hitting was atrocious to start the season. Pitching was exceptional Garret Cole leading the starting rotation in ERA with a pleasing 1.61. The pitching staff as a whole is a top 3 pitching staff in all of MLB. Batting is a problem, not as bad as a few weeks ago but still struggling. Aaron Judge is having a subpar season so far, a not bad 245 batting average but 39 strikeouts the strikeouts have haunted Aaron his whole career. Aaron Hicks is having an awful season. The Yankees need to do something with this guy. They need a new Center Fielder.

What’s Right?
GIANCARLO STANTON!!! The hottest hitter in baseball. A true MVP candidate. Had a 11 game hitting streak. The pitching staff is caring for this team this year. One of the best pitching staffs in the league. Need more offence from this team then they will be back in the conversation for best in the league. The offence has been exceptional to beat the Rays in their first 2 games of this series.