Beck rates: Waterparks


Beck Iannucci

Warning: Some songs mention death and suicide. Check beforehand before you listen! Stay safe!

Waterparks has a new album that will be released later this month. To celebrate I wanted to share my thoughts on their other songs and albums.

albums & EPs

  1. FANDOM (album)

Someone is going to be mad at me for this one, but I genuinely feel that this album received way too much hate. It seems like most people that were listening didn’t understand half the songs. Watch what happens next is a song about how fans have stifled their creativity. One of the lines is literally about how they can´t change their style because people will be mad. And then they get pressure from record labels and other people who´re mad that they´re becoming successful. It’s a breakdown of relationships and trying to not care about it. 

  1. Cluster (EP)

There isn’t a single bad song on this EP. Honestly, at first was only listening to crave. I bought the EP when I had only heard that song. Now that I´ve heard the whole thing I can’t stop putting territory on repeat. I wasn’t appreciating how good this EP is, but I won’t be making that mistake again. If you want to start listening to their songs with EPs first, this is the one.

  1. Double Dare (album) & Entertainment (album)

I find that both of these albums occupy the same space in my brain. If I listen to one album then I need to listen to the other after or I just alternate between songs. Double Dare and Entertainment feel like a package deal.

Entertainment has some more up beat songs than Double Dare. Double Dare is more ¨I´m sad and angry¨ and Entertainment is a mix of that with happiness, if that makes any sense. Entertainment has Peach (Lobotomy) which is my ultimate comfort song. Meanwhile Double Dare has Dizzy. Dizzy is a song that you’d listen to if you feel anxious, frustrated, or like a huge disappointment. But, Double Dare also has stupid for you and I feel like that´s undeniably the best song on this album. It has to make top ten.

  1. Airplane Conversations (album)

With Waterparks albums or EPs I always find that there are two songs I latch onto more than the others. For this album it´s I Was Hiding Under Your Porch Because I Love You and They All Float. Both masterpieces.

Initially, I was drawn to They All Float because I love the IT movies. The appreciation I ended up having for this song doesn’t stem from that original connection. Though I have to admit, the lyrics: ¨Someone will come to replace me along with the dreams I’ve got And make these modern days seem small, but This time I’ll do things the way you wanted, It’s not right, but it’s just the way you want it¨ do remind me of the loser’s club. Eddie doesn´t have his own self thought. In the beginning, he does whatever his mother wants him to, even if it clashes with his own thoughts. Bev has a similar situation with her dad because she’s forced to conform to make him feel comfortable. As for the part about dreams, none of the losers have accomplished their own dreams. They also have that stripped away from them.

  1. Black Light (EP)

This EP isn´t the last because I don’t like it. I find that I listen to this EP the least and when choosing which album or EP  I want to listen to it´s not my first pick. Still, that doesn’t mean that Black Light isn´t worth listening to. New Wave is an upbeat song you can´t get bored of. You´ll want it on your summer playlist. I´m also in love with I´m a Natural Blue. I like the lines about not knowing the truth about idols because it doesn’t just connect to celebrities. Maybe you idolized a parent or a friend and then realized there were a lot of issues behind the scenes or you realized things you thought were okay aren´t. This song is partly coming to terms with reality and the other half being disappointed and angry about what you learned. I especially like the line ¨originality is a ghost¨. If we´re thinking about this with celebs it could be an influencer copying or stealing someone else’s work. But if we´re thinking about this in a sense of everyday life, you could have a person who’s pretending to be someone they’re not.

my top ten songs

  1. Peach (Lobotomy)
  2. watch what happens next
  3. War Crimes
  4. stupid for you
  5. They All Float
  6. territory
  7. I´m a natural blue
  8.  [reboot]
  9. Pink
  10. New Wave