How Adobe Flash Player’s “Death” Affects Students

How Adobe Flash Player's

Allyson Hernandez

The Adobe Flash Player is never something I thought I would miss. But now that it has been permanently gone, I am now realizing how it affects me.  The flash player had been erased since January 2021, but I just never noticed. However, since I’ve come back to school every time I try to play a game during class it doesn’t work. I miss playing games while the teachers were teaching. It’s one thing to have the school block the games but now for Adobe to be like we are erasing ourselves from existence is tremendously annoying. Games like Run, Club Penguin, and any of Papa’s cooking games were an essential part of my high school experience. Life without them just seems odd. You can pay to play them from the app store but it’s not the same as playing on your computer. And to make matters worse you have to pay for it, so talk about being annoying. Personally, I’m not even sure why Adobe chose to get rid of themselves, but I think they should really consider coming back. Not for me but for the other kids in school. I will be graduating soon, so it won’t matter to me. Yet I do believe that it should come back for others.  Students need to be able to experience competition with each other while playing games on Cool Math Games, Hooda Math, or Friv. Poor middle schoolers have to sit through 55 minutes of a teacher talking and can’t even make a pizza pie while listening. Maybe it will improve students’ grades, maybe not. Learning isn’t that bad though what’s not gonna stop them from dozing off or playing on their phone.