Why are conservatives so obsessed with becoming a minority?

Why are conservatives so obsessed with becoming a minority?

Beck Iannucci

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion — not the site´s or school´s. Thank you.

If you have someone in your life that loves Fox News you probably already know the stupidity that goes on. Conservatives constantly complain on Fox and proclaim themselves minorities. On Tuesday morning they were talking about companies hiring more minorities. Nothing wrong with that. I think we can all agree that hiring minorities is a great thing. Only, he suggested that instead of companies hiring more black people they should hire conservatives… I shouldn’t even have to explain why this is atrocious.

There are so many layers to this argument because there are so many more minorities than just black people. What about Asian people? And Native Americans? And disabled people? If you can´t name more minorities than black people that’s also a huge problem.

Secondly, why do you feel that conservatives are oppressed? Is it because people always tear down your views? People calling you out on your BS doesn´t make you oppressed. You only feel a small amount of what actual minorities feel on a daily basis — I can guarantee that. People aren’t calling you slurs and you’re not unsafe wherever you go. You should hear some of the stories of black trans women that have gotten killed for just existing. Women that were going about their day and were killed without mercy. You will not be killed in America because you are conservative. You don´t know true hate speech. You don’t know true fear.

In reality, I think conservatives want the minority title because they want sympathy. They want people to look at them and feel bad that they´ve faced hardships. But if you have hardships because you target other people then no one cares. One of the other men this morning was seriously saying how he cares about homeless people. Where was that energy when it was legal to discriminate against trans people in homeless shelters? Did you have that same energy then? If not, don´t say you care about homeless people. You can´t care about an entire group but then take out people. It doesn’t work that way yet you keep forcing it. No one wants to hear your exclusionary support.