My Experience with Vaccine Rollout


maya egan

We’ve been immersed in a global pandemic for over a year now, and there are finally some silver linings in regards to reopening and normalcy. For the past month and a half, individuals that are 16 years or older have been able to get vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. Johnson and Johnson is only allowed for people 18 and older. Many of my friends and myself included, are either partially vaccinated or fully vaccinated, which has allowed us to see each other without guilt and without fear of Covid transmission. 

I had a really positive experience with my first vaccine dosage. I went down the Boston Post Road to the CVS in Mamaroneck, and I only had to wait five minutes before I was taken back to get the vaccine. I was asked a few questions regarding my medical history, and then boom–I was vaccinated. Unfortunately, though, I have a medicinal allergy so I had to wait extra time which was annoying because the WiFi in the CVS was bad, but it’s whatever. I’m just grateful I didn’t have an allergic reaction. I was also given some water and crackers, which totally made my experience better. After my first vaccine, I had no symptoms. 3 weeks later, this past weekend, I got my second vaccine. I waited for 5 minutes, then got vaccinated, then waited again. I felt completely fine initially after the vaccine–I even went on a run the next day. But, exactly 24 hours after my second dosage, an intense wave of fatigue hit me. It was so hard for me to get out of bed and get motivated, but after a quick nap, I felt rejuvenated.

I know the vaccine is a controversial topic in the current political climate, but I have much hope that our society is moving forward in regards to the global pandemic at hand. New York City is opening up at 100% capacity in July, concerts are taking place in the fall, more spectators can go to sporting events, etc. The fact that I am fully vaccinated definitely alleviates some stress regarding the pandemic and brings me a lot of hope regarding the future of our society.