Elon Musk Bribes SNL Producers with Teslas to Make Him Host

The Headline is a JOKE but if you are interested in Elon Musk hosting SNL, keep reading!!!

Caleigh Russo

Jason Bateman, John Krasinski, Timothee Chalamet, and Elon Musk. While choices A-C seem entirely appropriate(and iconic), how does choice D fit into the very elaborate list of Season 46 SNL hosts? After all, Actor, Actor, Actor, then CEO makes no sense. What is he going to do during the skits? Based on my very limited knowledge of Elon Musk, I can guarantee that he has not so much as taken an acting class in his life. He probably played the grass or the ocean in his school plays. CEOS should stay in their ballparks: vast meeting rooms and swivel chairs. Let’s let Jim Halpert and Michael Bluth take it from here. Why did SNL do this, you ask? Well, join me as I search for an answer to this bizarre question.

My only query is this: why is a man who is so often a punchline now the host? SNL takes pride in relentlessly(and rightfully) taking jabs at people like Musk, so why are they giving him the coveted host position? 

It is no secret that SNL saves their best skit ideas for their most widely known hosts. All of the iconic sketches are from weeks when an all-star host flew to New York and millions of extra viewers eagerly tuned in for the first time in a blue moon. SNL knows that their audience amount is incumbent upon their host’s popularity. So, when millions of extra people tune in this Saturday, there is no doubt that they will impress. Considering how they got Miley Cyrus to host, it is certain that they wanted to attract viewers. If SNL wanted to attract viewers, that can only mean one thing: they have A LOT to say this week and many people to unapologetically bash. 

The cast is relatively neutral about this, or so they claim to be. In 2018, Elon Musk faced a securities fraud charge made against him by the Securities and Exchange Commission. In 2018, Musk was ordered to delete an Anti-Union tweet he had posted. Not exactly a man of the people if you ask me. The cast of SNL has left not-so-subtle clues to their opinions of Musk’s host gig. Following the announcement, cast member Andrew Dismukes posted on his story “THE ONLY CEO I WANT TO DO A SKETCH WITH IS CHER-E OTERI“.  Another cast member, Aidy Bryant, reposted a tweet from the one and only Bernie Sanders about the “moral obscenity of America’s wealth distribution”.  

Musk isn’t the first host to be disliked by the cast. Back in 2015, Trump stood on the stage and hosted SNL. Now, the SNL cast says they regret making him their host. Maybe they should just stick to having actors as hosts.

Another star, infamous Pete Davidson denies that any of the stars are annoyed concerning this week’s host. In fact, Pete claims that he likes Musk. He’s a “nice dude” and Pete doesn’t understand why everyone’s so mad. With so many conflicting opinions, that weekly SNL dinner sure must have been awkward. 

**By the way, in case you haven’t already noticed, this article has absolutely no plot**

On another note, Musk did turn to the people for sketch ideas on Twitter. The responses DID NOT disappoint.