The Royal Family Launches YouTube Channel


Allyson Hernandez

The very well-known Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now officially launched their very own youtube channel. Now anyone in the world who has access to wifi and a device will be able to get an inside on Kate and William’s lives. But will we really see the “inside”? We all know the Royal family has secrets and a side no one knows about, due to the Harry and Meghan video with Opera. So I’m just wondering what they will be posting. They have said all three of their children will be part of the channel and they have special guests. Then again seeing a day in the life of a royal would be quite entertaining. Many kids dream of being a princess or prince and living in a glamorous castle. This way people can live through them, in a way they never could before. It really shows how the world is changing, something that’s mostly secretive now coming out for the world’s entertainment. It’s crazy to think about seeing the royal family as YouTubers.