Caitlyn Jenner is a huge disappointment to everyone in the queer community

Caitlyn Jenner is a huge disappointment to everyone in the queer community

Beck Iannucci

(This is my opinion — not the school´s)

Caitlyn Jenner, a trans woman who came out six years ago, is a raging republican who decided she´d be a great California governor. Unfortunately, she’s severely repressed. As someone that dealt with internalized homophobia personally for years, I know this is difficult. I came out before I had even accepted myself — that’s why I made the move to. I wanted to force myself to try and let go of those awful feelings. It takes time and it hurts, but the feeling does fade. It has for me. When I look at Caitlyn I see her as someone that is still suppressing her feelings. That isn’t exactly a stretch since she came out at age sixty-five. That´s a long time to sit alone with your thoughts. I hypothesize this because right now Caitlyn is making transphobic claims that aren’t based on science. Transphobes love to point to science, not realizing that science actually supports trans people.

Dr. Eric Vilain, pediatrician and geneticist, has been studying the difference in athletes based on biological sex — not gender. Dr. Vilain had this to say on the phenomenon: ¨…on average [cis men have] an advantage in performance in athletics of about 10% to 12% over [cis] women, which the sports authorities have attributed to differences in levels of a male hormone called testosterone. … Are trans athletes winning everything [as a result]? [No,] that’s not the case. And higher levels of the male hormone testosterone are associated with better performance only in a very small number of athletic disciplines: 400 meters, 800 meters, hammer throw, pole vault — and it certainly does not explain the whole 10% difference.¨ Since trans athletes don’t actually have a high percentage of beating their cis peers due to testosterone alone, as Dr. Vilain points out with the test group, there are no real disadvantages.

Despite these facts, Caitlyn is siding with former president, Donald Trump, on the sports bill. She wants to take opportunities away from you trans kids that deserve them. I´m not sure if this stems from some deep jealousy that she never got a chance to play sports as a woman. Regardless, she’s hurting the community she’s a part of and it’s disgusting. You´re supposed to be supporting your peers, not tearing them down.

As Caitlyn stated on Seth Meyers’ late night television show, she has chosen “Constitution, freedom, [and] minimum government” over queer equality when it comes to politics. The only policies of Trump’s she dared to criticize were the anti-trans military bill and the cut off for health care for trans Americans. We all know there were many more attacks to trans people with Trump in power than just those two. What about him arguing that you can discriminate against trans people because of the constitution saying you can’t discriminate on the basis of sex — not gender? Yes, sex and gender are different but Trump made no move to put out an updated law. All he did was argue and argue with trans people that had faced discrimination. What about homeless shelters being able to turn away trans people because they’re trans? What about prisons being able to put trans people in a section based on their sex and not their gender? These two bills passed because Trump heavily suggested and supported them.

Her teaming up with a former Trump campaign manager is baffling. Three years ago she caved and admitted that Trump is anti-trans, yet now she’s working with someone from his team. How does that make any sense? It makes sense because she’s a liar. She still goes around publicly praising Trump for things. 

I’m not sure why she’s doing this since back in 2017, Caitlyn stated: “I sincerely want to make a difference, to help my (trans) community.” This is not the support her community needs. 

On top of this, she hasn’t been seen supporting the rest of the community either. Back in 2015, when gay marriage was being legalized in the US, Caitlyn didn´t the support motion, citing her tradition beliefs as the reason. Then she questioned why it was so important in the first place. I always find this argument confusing. Marriage is supposed to be a way to express your love for someone. Marriage is about being together and finding happiness with that person. Asking for equal marriage also isn’t asking for anything extra — just even opportunities.

So let’s review: Caitlyn only speaks for herself. She doesn’t speak for the trans or queer community. She doesn’t even speak for republicans because most are transphobic but democrats don’t want her ideas either. She is completely alone and fits in no community and has no one to speak for. That’s all there is to it. Don´t assume a queer person will vote for Caitlyn just because she´s trans. In actuality, we won’t vote for her because she´s betraying her community.

This doesn’t mean you have the right to misgender her. She’s still a woman. She must be going through a lot of pain and I’m sure she wants to feel accepted — like we all do. But because she’s pushing away people in her own community, she’s having a hard time being fully accepted. Caitlyn needs to take a step back and rethink everything.  She needs to let go of her misconceptions and further educate herself. Then, and only then, can Caitlyn speak up for the queer community.