Kamala Harris Is A Liar


Alex Conn

The other day it was World Press Freedom Day and Vice President Harris and Antony Blinken were quick to say they were for a free press and platitudes.

This is a lie but we will get to that later. Edward Snowden called her bluff pointed out on Twitter that the Biden administration is seeking a 175 year sentence for Julian Assange who is a journalist and has been really holding people in power accountable.

This is completely true. The Biden administration loves the mainstream  press because the mainstream press loves them.

If you are being loved by the mainstream press of course you will do platitudes about “press freedom”

Julian Assange really holds the powerful accountable no matter which party they belong to. That scares the political establishment which Kamala is a card carrying member of.

I was happy like many people were about the prospect of a Biden presidency. I voted for Joe and Kamala. But I voted knowing the war on whistleblowers would continue but we could potentially get some needed gun control and LGBT rights legislation.

I am a registered Democrat. Nothing would make me happier for a pardon on Snowden and Assange and for the end of the war on whistleblowers.