An update on the pride flag raising in Rye


Beck Iannucci

This is my opinion, not the school´s

It’s two weeks after the pride flag meeting and we have an update. Regrettably, the City of Rye did decide to use tax dollars to get a lawyer to see if we can legally hang a pride flag. Obviously this is extremely disappointing, but the lawyer said everything we already know — it’s not illegal to hang a pride flag in Rye.  However, when asked how much of the proposed ten grand was used on the lawyer, we weren’t given an amount but it was suggested that the money was about two grand. Regardless of the fact that this is less cash than originally thought, money was thrown out the window that shouldn’t have been.

Still, the council insists that this is still a first amendment issue and ones like this will always be. Only, it isn´t and the group started equating raising the flag to picking up dog poop and not wanting parades blocking the traffic. Though this speech ended on a positive note, there was a better way to make examples of doing the right thing. On top of that, the group still insists that queer issues are political issues. I once again remind you that human rights are not a political issue — they´re a human rights issue. I´m not sure why this is so difficult to understand. Still, it seems Rye insists on holding onto this excuse.

The good news, though, is that it has been determined that the pride flag will be raised for years to come! We even got the flag on more than one pole! This is a huge win! The queer community here won. Not ¨we¨ as the council put it. They didn’t win anything. We — the queer community — did. I´m so proud of us and no one can take away from our moment. We did this and we did this for each other — not just ourselves. This is for the future queer kids and the future of the ones already living here. Keep on fighting; I´ll be by your side.