A chat with Beck: why don´t people write letters anymore?


Beck Iannucci

Due to the internet, people don’t send letters anymore since texting is much more efficient. Yet there is so much joy in receiving a letter. Back in November, I found a small section of Etsy that sells comfort letters. I found this fascinating so I decided to order one.

But I didn´t just find joy with my Etsy purchase either. When I give friends handmade jewelry, they enjoy the sparkly letters that come with their gift. I enjoy writing with different colors and doodling in the margins.

But is that what makes letters personal? When texting or calling you´re still taking the time to think about what you want to say. However, these different means of communication come with different feelings. If you´re someone that´s anxious when it comes to communication you might not feel the same dread you feel over a text notification when you see a letter with your name on it. I think this is because texts can receive an immediate response but letters don’t. That gives you time to process the words and then come back to the conversation. 

Furthermore, why don’t we write letters for ourselves? This might seem cheesy and nerdy, but taking the time to write is therapeutic. Writing a character letter is a great form of self care. If you’re attached to a character writing a letter to them about your bad can help you talk it through. I mean this sincerely since it’s been a writing exercise I’ve used for months now and it’s genuinely helpful. It gets out a large amount of the frustration I feel when trying to communicate my feelings to others. 

There is also the common exercise of writing letters to your future self. I unintentionally wrote one of these back in middle school. I was writing about what I  want my future self to be like but I didn’t intend to keep the writing. Still, I found it earlier this year under my bed and I couldn’t help but cry because I  had already managed to do most of the things I was sure I couldn’t. It shows that life truly is full of surprises and that you can do whatever you put your mind to. Maybe not even that. I mean, I severely doubted myself and my goals were still met. It’s one of the proudest moments I have because in the moment I saw how much I’ve grown. These letters show how we’ve changed ways we don’t realize or acknowledge.

No matter what your ideal form of communication is, try writing a letter from time to time. You might find it positively affects your mood and the way you see the world.