Let’s talk about YUNGBLUD’s new song

Let's talk about YUNGBLUD's new song

Beck Iannucci

YUNGBLUD has started to release lyrics of a new song and people are understandably upset. Most of us have seen Dominic Harrison as a huge ally to many communities due to the way he writes. Previously, he wrote a song about being trans, despite being cis. Yes, that sounds horrendous. But it was executed well in my opinion because it wasn’t a first person account. Instead, the song was about the struggle of someone he met. Though I have to point out that we don´t know the girl personally so if he butchered her story, we don´t know.

As I was listening to Mars for the first time, I felt validated and that feeling hasn’t gone away. Yet I understand that other trans people may not have had the same reaction. It depends on who you are and what you relate to.

But there is no denying that his new song sounds incredibly transphobic to the point that I´m not even sure what he was trying to do. The lyrics ¨all the girls are boys and all the boys are girls¨ are unbelievably problematic. Trans girls are girls and trans boys are boys. Period. I’m not sure why he’d say otherwise if he claims himself to be an ally. Hopefully he puts more thought into his lyrics in the future — especially when writing about groups he’s not part of.