Beck tries new foods: part 1


Beck Iannucci

Recently I’ve noticed how often we drive past places we never visit. I started thinking about this when I walked with my cousins to Harrison town and we went to Oishinbo. Oishinbo is a store that’s been there for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never walked into it. A few later, I tried quite a few things. I recommend the strawberry milk bubbly tea which costs $5 and is freshly made. It’s my go to every time I come back to the store. Next you want to buy coffee jelly and you’ll want to buy in bulk. They come in three packs and I would ideally have one day but usually it’s one every two days. If you’re an anime fan, you’re probably heard of  The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Honestly, this show is one big ad for coffee jelly so I’ve wanted to try the jelly for over a year now. I definitely see the appeal.

I’m finding that I’m a much bigger strawberry fan than I realized. If you want to discover your love of strawberries, I tried two strawberry treats that I´m loving right now and attached pictures.

Next are KitKats. I’ve always felt like this candy is just there. It’s not the best chocolate treat, but it’s not the worst. Because of this, I wanted to try a new type of KitKat and I definitely don’t regret it.

It’s common knowledge that green tea is always going to be the best flavor of anything. These green tea minis are sure to be your favorite treat!

Lastly, I tried two Hi-Chew flavors. You’ve probably tried fruit flavored Hi-Chews before. These, however, are different. There are two different soda flavors — cola and ramune. They don’t disappoint.

I haven’t looked at the ingredients of any of these since I´m not allergic to anything. I did notice on the back of the Hi-Chew wrapper that these contain soybeans and may contain milk so remember to be safe and check products when you have an allergy.

Venture into some stories you’ve never visited before! You might find some sweet treats.