Does The “Perfect” Pasta Shape Exist?


Madison White

I personally identify as a pasta connoisseur, it’s my absolute favorite food. And I have definitely thought in the past about if I have a favorite pasta shape. Many people like to argue that no matter the shape, all pasta tastes the same. Which is obviously, absolutely, ludicrous. Not only does the pasta shape affect the taste it affects the overall eating experience. If I am at a restaurant and I’m not exactly a fan of the pasta shape that went with my dish, or I feel like the shape doesn’t exactly go with the sauce, it definitely affects the experience. But what if the perfect pasta shape did exist? Well apparently, Dan Pashman, host of the Webby award winning podcast “Sporkful” has created one. Because of his frustration regarding the pasta shape options, he spent 3 years trying to create a pasta shape that would create the perfect pasta to sauce ratio, while making sure the pasta shape had the maximum sauce holding capacity. This brand new pasta shape is considered the most functional shape available today, and it’s called Cascatelli. With the shape being created mainly out of Pashman’s frustration with spaghetti and its sauce holding abilities, he created Cascatelli which is a Bucatini like half tube but with ruffles to create a “sauce trough,” as well as a bronze die extrusion to create a rougher surface. Overall making the pasta shape suitable for maximum sauce power. In Pashman’s eyes, his perfect pasta shape needed to meet three levels of criteria, sauceability, being how well does the sauce stick to the shape, tooth sinkability, which is how satisfying it is to sink your teeth into, and forkability, which is how easy is it for the fork to get into the pasta and stay there. Pashman believes it is terribly hard for the average pasta shape to fit all three. So as the pasta connoisseur that I am, I hope to get my hands on this new pasta shape, and see for myself. Is this really the perfect shape? And will it live up to the hype?