I just discovered this site and I’m already obsessed


Beck Iannucci

Like many of you, I found myself with too much time during my lunch break. After scrolling through my Google recommended articles I found a My Chemical Romance article. This is typical for me. The tour being announced to postpone adds for a lot of drama. Lots of us are wondering what the plans are. However, this particular article was talking about fanmade MCR merch. I was intrigued and ended up spending quite some time on the site. Lego Ideas is quite intriguing. I watched part of Lego Masters, a recent building competition. I stumbled upon the show and stayed to see what they could make. This site is similar, though it isn’t competition based, because you get to see what people thought and made all on their own. 

I haven’t built anything with legos in years but I suddenly want to build my own MCR float. If you are looking for a new hobby or to be inspired it’s a great site. If you want to challenge yourself or need something cool to waste away the time, this is it.