A chat with Beck: trans rights addition

A chat with Beck: trans rights addition

Beck Iannucci

TW: parental abuse, conversion therapy, transphobia, internalized homophobia, unlawful arrest, hate crimes

So the world is in chaos right now. Yes, a global pandemic was not enough. /s

There are so many issues right now from gun violence to trans rights to the US border. Every issue needs a minute of your time. As someone that lives with family members that constantly play the news, I see a theme of stories being ignored. This is extremely disheartening — especially since they’re not all negative. Sometimes we see positive change attempted to be made and that’s worth our time too. I think lots of people don’t focus on queer rights world wide because it makes them sad and angry. I get that because I’m also sad and angry. But we have to acknowledge our victories too. Right now the United Nations is pushing the UK government to ban conversion therapy. While it doesn’t mean the UK government will listen, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. All these small wins will add up. The US does still have states with conversion therapy but I’m confident we can decrease our numbers too.

Joe Biden is the first US president to speak out on Trans Day of Visibility. This is also a big win. On a day when we remember those we lost and celebrate the trans people in our lives, presidents should speak up and make a speech — especially since we have more to do.

I can’t lie — I’m still extremely worried. A Texas bill, if passed, will mark parents that support their trans kids as abusive. We aren’t just talking about a fine or taking the kid away either. They’re going to put these parents in jail. It’s baffling that parents accepting their kids for who they are can be seen as abuse. That also insinuates that parents that actually abuse their queer kids won’t be reprimanded and that’s scary. If this bill passes we’re creating a punishment for good parents and rewarding awful ones. All that will do is encourage more parents to be bigots.  

New South Wales, a state located on the east coast of Australia, is attempting to ban inclusive education in schools. Differentiating between gender and sex would be illegal. Parents would also be able to opt their kids out of queer lessons. Then you have young queer kids that don’t understand anything about themselves, friends of queer kids that don’t know how to support them, and kids that learn that queer is “bad”. So many people deal with internalized homophobia because of tactics like this. Tell kids that being queer is the worst thing they could be which is extremely damaging to their mental health. The other problem is adults that want to act like mental health advocates but then support bills like this one that will hurt the well-being of young people.

On a hopeful note, Germany is cracking down on leaders of queer hate crimes. We know at least 150 queer people have been unlawfully arrested and beaten these past four years. Though the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry argues that no queer people are in Russia, we all know that’s not true. Hopefully this case will advance further and we’ll see justice.

There is so much more to discuss but I want to leave this on a positive note. This win comes from Disney. Disney employees no longer have a strict dress code, so they can dress in whatever they’re comfortable with. Hoping to see more franchises with less rigid dress codes in the future!