I bought a tangles creations (series 8) mystery pack!


Beck Iannucci

  • green tangle


Loved it but it immediately started to chip which is disappointing. Yes, it´s still a useable fidget but I miss the shiny green. Good idea, poorly executed. It´s also a bit harder to move than the others and makes a squeaking noise which it´s not supposed to do. Definitely not a discreet fidget.

  • jumbo pink and silver tangle


Has not chipped, has pretty colors, and is so satisfying. Definitely my favorite out of all of them.

  • unicorn tangle


Absolutely adorable! The pattern is so cute and it´s a good size to fit in my pocket or even wear as a bracelet. It´s also the animal-themed one I was hoping for! Reminds me a lot of Littlest Pet Shop. Makes me smile and I also love the texture and the fact that the unicorn is moveable.

  • light up tangle


Fun but distracting. I like that it´s LED — I´m hoping that means it will last a while before the light dies. But it´s definitely not something I could bring to class because it would distract others. In public, it would probably call a lot of attention to me which I´m not a fan of. I also got two of these so I gifted one because it´s less practical but I can see my friend enjoying it from time to time too.

  • colorful ones


Basic, doesn´t have textures like the pet one, and isn´t shiny but still enjoyable. It´s pocket size and definitely not distracting. I ended up moving some of the colors around until I liked them. Tangles are easy to take apart and customize which I love. I´m not big on the keychain one since the keychain piece is pretty useless, but I like the red color. I got six of these so I gifted some!

Overall, this was a great purchase! You get a lot for the $40 spent!