BTS collabs with McDonalds


Beck Iannucci

BTS have their third brand collab this year! So far they’ve done Samsung and Coke but now their McDonalds meals will be available soon. I’m interested to see how this will go considering that McDonalds haven’t collabed with many artists yet. There are also different McDonalds options in different places and that will play a part in what is offered next month. 

I’m honestly loving the Twitter posts about this right now. People are speculating that McDonalds will offer cards. Kpop albums come with cards. Like anything with cards involved, fans want to collect them all. This has sparked lots of memes along with the fact that John Cena is a fan.













This is by far my favorite part of this whole thing. I was on stan Twitter for an hour yesterday, laughing non-stop. The BTS ARMY is hysterical.

I also liked the brand conversations in the comments. So many brands showed up at the announcement.