Beach Bunny makes TikToks with new versions of Cloud 9


Beck Iannucci

You probably know Beach Bunny’s song Cloud 9 as it’s been trending for a while on TikTok. Honestly, it’s every other video for me when I use my for you page. With good reason — this song is catchy. It’s upbeat and has adorable lyrics. I started seeing TikTokers tweak the song last month. Many covers were changing the pronouns in the song so others could use them for their TikToks. I’ve been seeing this a lot with covers and I find it to be sweet. A personal favorite of mine is @sidebees ‘ version of cupid’s chokehold.

However, much to my delight, Beach Bunny has started to record new versions of Cloud 9 and has been posting them on TikTok. As of  last night, April 16th, they’re available on iTunes!

Here’s a preview:

Hope you enjoy the songs as much as I do!