Tone indicators are worth using


Beck Iannucci

Tone indicators are a simple way to make communication online easier. There are many emotions that don’t connect over a device — sarcasm being a major one. Even if you know someone’s sense of humor well, it can be difficult to understand what they’re saying. This can be a huge concern for someone who is neurodivergent. They may need tone indicators to understand what the other person is saying or want to use tone indicators to make sure their point is getting across. I often worry that the tone I’m trying to portray isn’t being made so I started using them recently. I, personally, don’t just worry about sarcasm. I also worry about being affectionate with people. I want to remind my friends that I’m here for them and that I care about them without making it awkward or leaving room for misunderstanding.

Even if you aren’t neurodivergent or have neurodivergent people in your life, you should still make tone indicators part of your daily life. When posting and interacting with new people on the internet it’s a good way to ensure positive communication.