MLB Power Rankings through Two Weeks

MLB Power Rankings through Two Weeks

Charlie Abt

Major League Baseball is now through its’ first two weeks of the 2021 season, and the most surprising team of the young season had been the Cincinnati Reds. They are being carried by their offense, which is a far cry from the last time we saw them when they were shut out in their two playoff games last year. It will obviously be hard to judge teams this early in the year, as a good start doesn’t mean a team is, and just like that, a bad start doesn’t mean the same.


1.Los Angeles Dodgers

The defending champions were the best team coming into the season, and nothing has happened since then for anyone to replace them at the top. They have perhaps the best starting rotation, along with one of the best lineups in the game. 


2.San Diego Padres

The Padres were generally considered the second-best team, and just like the rival Dodgers, nothing has happened early on to move them off this spot. Superstar shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. suffered a dislocated shoulder and a partially torn labrum, and if those linger when he returns this week, it could change their position on here.


3.New York Yankees

The Yankees have struggled early on, especially on offense, but they have too much talent for this to continue. They will certainly have rotation concerns; outside Gerritt Cole, they rely on many pitchers who barely pitched last year, if at all.


4.New York Mets

It has been hard to judge the Mets this year, as they have played just seven games due to rain and COVID issues with opposing teams. They have gotten great starting pitching in their seven games. Like the Yankees, their offense has struggled early, and similarly, they are too talented for this to continue over a long period of time.


5. Atlanta Braves

At the beginning of the season, I would’ve had the Braves ahead of the Mets, but their starting pitching has really struggled with both poor performance and injury. Ace Mike Soroka, who suffered a torn Achilles last year, is still out, and Max Fried has been really, really bad this year. The concern was always pitching with them, and through two weeks, those concerns appear valid.


Rest of the Top Ten:

6.White Sox

7. Reds


9.Red Sox

10. Angels