Bachelor’s Star Colton Underwood Comes Out


Allyson Hernandez

Colton Underwood former Bachelor comes out as gay on Good Morning America. Prior to coming out, Underwood was in a relationship with Cassie Randolph that ended in 2020. A little after that Randolph filed a restraining order against Colton, stating many allegations that involved stalking. That restraining order has been dropped but they do have a private agreement with each other. And to make his 2020 worse he also had Covid19 while living with Randolph’s parents. So one can say Colton had a very hard year.

Underwood spoke on how right before he came out he had suicidal thoughts. He hated himself more than anything else for a very long time. He told Good Morning America he was eventually at a point where he rather die than admit that he was gay. On the brighter side, he is now the happiest and healthiest he’s ever been in his life. Underwood explained how it was difficult accepting it, he always thought deep down he might’ve been. However, growing up he was taught gay is a sin through the bible and his family. He grew up in a very conservative household that wasn’t as accepting of the idea. Along in a very masculine state where he was playing football. Football is known as a sport most straight men play and one can only assume what is spoken about in the locker room talk.

As a kid in high school, he started to open up about the idea of it. People would call him gay all the time. In the end, he pushed it down because he was playing football and was in that very ideal masculine place. After he had broken up with Cassie people started to question his sexuality. Underwood recalls reassuring his parents he was in fact straight, his mother let it go but his father wouldn’t. His father found his search history with questions like  Am I Gay? and How Do I Know If I Am? Underwood owned up to being curious and he concluded his research with the fact that he did like girls. Which later he says he was really confused because he did genuinely love Cassie in an attractiveness way, not a friendship.

Colton went on to apologize to all the girls who were on his season for leading them on. Because deep down he knew what he was. He has no come to terms with it and is living his best life.