The push to have a pride flag raised in Rye this June


Beck Iannucci

On March 24th, 2021, there was a council meeting where we discussed having a pride flag hung up for June. This is the bare minimum when it comes to showing support. Our Rye community has dealt with many ups and downs. Having one month dedicated to support will show that we are here for each other during difficult times. In a world with a deadly virus, it can feel like we’re even more isolated. There isn’t a better time than now!

Last year, we tried to raise a pride flag too, but it was met with opposition. You may remember when a drag queen was also protested out of Rye last year. It’s extremely worrying that we couldn’t welcome someone into the Rye community. If we want to be a welcoming place, then there are steps that need to be taken to meet such a goal.

Showing support for trans and queer identities do a lot more than people realize. Queer people are in every community. For example, I’m disabled and I’m queer. 

There are also poc queer people. We are actually talking about putting up the updated flag with the brown and black stripes. This is extremely important. Hate crimes against black trans women have been going up drastically in the US these past few years.

However, I do partly understand one of the concerns being brought to light. Someone at the meeting mentioned wanting to support other groups as well — using the example of women’s history month. My confusion in this lies with the fact that women’s history month already passed and I didn’t hear anyone speaking out about celebrating the event. If you only want to represent a community because another one is being represented nothing will get done. We also missed black history month. I didn’t hear talk about celebrating that either. We have to amplify each other’s voices to achieve a common goal. If you don’t speak up, then what’s the point?

We’ve already missed this year’s women’s history month and black history month. So, we could make these two months up next year! We can certainly come up with a plan for then! It’s never too early to advocate! 

I’m also confused because I was told that raising a pride flag is a legal issue.This is false. Saying it’s a legal issue implies that raising a pride flag is illegal — which is definitely not the case.

If you want to show your support for the hanging of the pride flag, you can email the mayor or send him a letter. I encourage you to do so and speak out about celebrating other history months!