Way Too Early MVP

Way Too Early MVP

Ryan Surhoff

With only one week down in the young MLB season, here are my top 5 MVP candidates.

5. J.D.Martinez

J.D. is looking like the 2018 J.D. that lead Boston to the World Series.  On Sunday, he hit 3 HRs and currently leads the league in hits, HR, and RBI.  With a strong lineup in Alex Verdugo and Xander Bogarts batting in front of him, he will have over 100 RBIs this year and be like his 2018 self.  Too bad the Red Sox’s suck and they are just wasting another player’s talent.

4. Ronald Acuna Jr.

After that display on Sunday Night Baseball beating out a routine ground ball, it looks like his attitude has changed. The incident I am referring to in the 2019 playoffs (he hit a long fly ball that hit off the top of the wall and he walked out of the box in a tie game) was very costly to that season ending.  Acuna’s power and speed is unlike any other player. He has the potential to have a 30 HR and 30 SB season.  Acuna is also an exceptional defender, one of the best outfield arms in baseball.

3. Trevor Bauer

Last year’s Cy Young Trevor Bauer signed a huge contract worth up to $103 Million dollars over three years.  He will live up to that hype and its going to be fun to watch.  What is special about Bauer is his spin rate. He can make the ball move better than anyone in the league. His fastball looks like it goes up to batters and that is hard to hit.  Playing for the Dodgers he will get run support and Trevor will get 20 wins this season with an ERA blow 1.80.

2. Freddie Freeman

Last’s years N.L. MVP for the Atlanta Braves helped by his stacked lineup.  Ronald Acuna Jr. and Ozzie Albies hitting to get on base for Freddie to hit them home.  The old vet of the young lineup has produced great numbers over the years.  Hitting .300 or right near it for the past 5 years, great defensively, durable: Freddie has no weaknesses.

1. Mike Trout

What isn’t there to say about him? The best player in baseball.  He can be the greatest of all time when it is all said and done.  Like Freeman, Trout has no weaknesses. He crushes fastballs and slaps off-speed for doubles.  Very fast and one of the best defensive players in the league.  Mike has finished top 5 in MVP voting every year since 2012 when he entered the league.