Twenty One Pilots return…


Beck Iannucci

Twenty One Pilots are back and the reviews are different than expected. The way things were left off, coming back should be tough. There is, of course, a lot of criticism but I’ve been seeing more praise for the band than expected. If you remember, last September Tyler Joseph, the band’s lead singer, made a Tweet with a BLM joke. Not surprisingly, fans were pissed. Tyler quickly deleted the Tweet after the backlash. He then said he wasn’t speaking out about BLM because his activism was focused elsewhere. Many people were confused, as was I. I completely understand putting all your energy into one cause, but then why are you Tweeting stupid jokes? And does it really take so long to make a Tweet about a topic? After all, he was still Tweeting. Tyler’s apology made no sense. At this point, I think everyone should just get off of Twitter and stop Tweeting whatever they want without thinking and making things even worse.

Josh Dun, the band’s drummer, however, was doing the complete opposite. He has been Tweeting about BLM for a few months. He Tweeted resources, places to donate, and business to support.

Many fans were left with conflicting feelings with how the members acted, some accusing Josh of retweeting things just to avoid the backlash his friend fell into. Now that we’re getting another album, the topic has come back up. All eleven songs will be available in May. I went onto iTunes to see how the reviews were and everything was surprisingly positive, with an overall five stars. There is always talk about cancel culture getting outrageous so I thought there would be a lot more negative feedback.

I remember when I first started listening to Mars Argo and went onto iTunes. As you may know, Mars quit music after deleting most of her songs and leaving the internet completely. There were many times when she talked of coming back but never did. When I looked at her iTunes reviews it was filled with Poppy stans. This was a bizarre stan war considering that one star isn’t even on the internet anymore. But there were Mars stans leaving poor reviews for Poppy too. It makes me wonder if stan wars are more powerful than cancel culture or if people haven’t had the time to flood TOP reviews yet.

I think Mars and Poppy are interesting to bring up because after Poppy’s accusations got out and people realized that Poppy and Mars had similar experiences, these posts started to disappear. I see a lot less bad reviews on Mars’ music now, as lots of negative reviews are gone. I wonder if people don’t trash singers on iTunes much anymore — whether as a product of the Mars and Poppy situation or otherwise. I looked at articles about TOP this morning but I couldn’t find anything negative about their comeback. The hate is mostly on Twitter, which I find interesting.

What do you think about their return? Are you seeing more positive feedback or negative? Feel free to comment!