The Obama Administration was no paradise(and why the Democratic Party is deeply flawed)


Alex Conn

I want to say one thing right up the bat. I voted for Joe Biden. I’m excited for what Joe Biden and the Democrats do on gun reform for instance and the Equality Act. That’s what I voted for Joe on. I wanted Bernie or Yang but you can’t always get what you want in life.

The one thing I know is that the Obama administration was no paradise. Especially in regards to whistleblowers, privacy rights, foreign policy and healthcare. I bring this up because for one this is what Biden’s policies will look like and two most liberals romanticize the Obama years.

I’m going to start with something that Obama had complete control over and his Justice Department went after someone innocent. Aaron Swartz was the co- founder of Reddit. He was a child prodigy and incredibly good with computers. As he went on in life he started to get into progressive politics. He co founded two groups, Demand Progress and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

He was a big part of what stopped SOPA which if you remember in like 2011 that was all over the internet.

He became passionate about copyright and he did something that was not the best and he broke into MIT and stole academic documents from JSTOR and he wanted to put them online for free.

JSTOR declined to press charges against Aaron Swartz but the Obama Justice Department did press charges.

They wanted to charge him 35 years in prison for a crime the victim didn’t even want to press charges for.

Aaron Swartz eventually killed himself. I strongly believe that Barack Obama and his attorney general Eric Holder have blood on their hands.

The Obama administration was afraid of people who were dissidents especially with computers and he would stomp on them with great fury.

Michael Moore who is a well known left-wing documentarian said that Obama would only be known as the first black President and nothing else.

I would disagree as he did save us from the Great Recession of 2008 but yeah not much else.

Obama would even call himself a moderate Republican. Obama said that he wasn’t going to play the same old Washington game a little better but he was going to change the way the game is played.

He had two terms to do just that and he failed horribly and did not even try.

He didn’t even try to get us a single payer healthcare system, he did not close Guatanamo Bay which he could have easily done, He messed up Libya by assassinating Gaddafi.

I’m going to end with this. A journalist I admire, Glenn Greenwald said this on Obama. “If you look at the last eight years, there has been a very concerted war on not just sources and whistleblowers, but also journalists, implemented by not Donald Trump but by the Obama administration,”