Bella Thorne Gets Engaged


Allyson Hernandez

Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo are engaged. Thorne and Mascolo were seen romantically in April 2019 but weren’t in a confirmed relationship. They were then confirmed a couple of months later in June. Mascolo proposed with a massive MARRY ME light-up sign and sparklers going off. There were also many rose petals and fairy lights leading the path to the sign. Mascolo even decorated the trees with white roses and photos throughout their relationship. And to top it all off an enormous red rose petal heart had B + B outlined in white rose petals. As for the engagement ring, it’s a 4-carat pear-shaped surrounded by a diamond halo. The ring is estimated to be worth $150,00. 


In my opinion, I think that this couple won’t last, not because they don’t love each other. But because they are celebrities. Celebrities most of the time have long engagements and never go through with it. Something always happens and they break up. I do ultimately wish this couple the best and hope they last but who knows what will happen. After all, they do really look in love.