Breaking News: 10 people Dead in Colorado Shooting

Nicolas Read, Writer


10 people, including one police officer, have been killed in a shooting at a supermarket on Monday, officials have announced. So far a suspect has been apprehended and the shooting was stopped. There has been no name released as of Tuesday morning.

Law enforcement identified the deceased officer as 51-year-old Eric Talley, with over 10 years of experience on the force.

Boulder Police Chief Maris Harold released a statement Monday evening calling Talley a hero after responding to a call of “possible person with patrol rifle”.

The other 9 victims’ identities have not been released yet, but the department stated that they would “as promptly as possible”.

The shooting started early Monday afternoon at King Sooper’s, the largest supermarket chain in Colorado. Eyewitness accounts state confusion, panic, and fear erupted as the shooting started.

This comes only less than a week after the tragic shooting in Atlanta, where over 8 lives were lost. This event gives a stark reminder of Colorado’s history of violent shootings and should bring to the conversation how maintaining extremely relaxed gun laws may be the reason to blame.

With one of the highest mass shootings per capita in the U.S., should residents still be allowed to purchase handguns without the need for purchase permits or firearm registration? How many more mass shootings have to occur before gun laws are updated?