A chat with Beck: getting my passion back


Beck Iannucci

I’m someone that has had art ruined for me through constant competition. Unwanted opinions that compare everything I draw to someone else’s drawing is exhausting. I started to feel anxious when drawing and it got to the point that I was no longer comfortable, getting frustrated too quickly and giving up. 

I ended up finding resin and it became my main art form. Resin was something I hadn’t known much about before. No one in my life made anything with resin or bought any trinkets or jewelry made of resin. It was a new field that hadn’t been tainted. I felt total creative control. It was freeing.

But eventually, I wanted to find something besides resin. I took up painting. At first, I only worked on backgrounds. I blended and smeared colors until I liked it. I knew I wanted to add more, but I started there. Smashing the colors was therapeutic and there’s something about the way that colors you wouldn’t normally picture together blending beautifully.

Once I was able to stop feeling pressured, I was able to let go. I wanted to set a goal for myself. I decided that every time I finish a show, I’ll make a painting of one of the characters. This simple idea has completely taken over my room and I couldn’t be happier about it. I was able to become passionate again. This is extremely important because people should know that others can’t ever take away your passions. It’s difficult, but you can get them back. Set small goals for yourself and find an environment where you’re less likely to be stressed. For me, it’s watching tv or listening to a podcast while I paint. That way, even if negative feelings come back, you can take a break and enjoy something else you love before resetting and trying again.

I urge you to try the pastimes you’ve wanted to and take that first step. You can do this!