March Madness!


Ryan Surhoff

The NCAA tournament is here! March Madness is here! Here are some things to look forward to during the madness!

As we all know the 2020 tournament got cancelled. This could bring the bad juju from the 2020 we all know. All seriousness this year the tournament is going to be played in Indianapolis, Indiana with a bubble that is containing 64 teams. This is a weird lifestyle. Players aren’t going to like the “living conditions” of this bubble and teams are going to struggle in this environment. Teams like Uconn, and Georgetown could go on runs. Teams like Creaton, Villinova and Michigan go down early. This year could be the most fun bracket ever.

Covid is always looking for its opportunity to strike in big moments. If it hits a high seed like Gonzaga and Iowa it could knock them out of a national championship. This would be very upsetting to see. No one wants to win like that, I know that from being an athlete you want to deserve that win. All the hard work you had practicing and preparing for the game. Just to win because covid hit the other team would be awful.

Gonzaga, Iowa and Illinois
It’s up to these 3 teams. Gonzaga is 26-0 just a dominating season, destroying the west coast losing only one game in their division. Not a very good conference but they have been putting up the numbers for the best team in the country. Iowa led by Luka Garza was undoubtedly the best player in the country. Iowa had a disappointing Big Ten tournament but i believe they will overcome that and make a run. The team that won the Big Ten Illinois. Illinois is playing their best basketball. They will make it to the championship and they have a great chance to win it.