WandaVision is everything I hoped it would be (spoiler version)


Beck Iannucci

First, I want to start off by saying: I love the ending. I’ve seen a lot of posts calling the ending a let down which is not true. Yes, we’d all love for Vision to have survived but that’s just wishful thinking. We all saw what happened when he tried to leave Westview. It wasn’t possible. I did hold onto some hope that he’d make it out okay, but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. Wanda doesn’t have the power to do something like that.

The Vision on Vision fight was also great and we got to see the kids using their powers too! 

I was relieved when Wanda turned Westview back to normal and the kids were gone. Monica was sure that they were kids that Wanda manifested but I wanted confirmation. This show always gives you a bit of doubt that stays in the back of your mind.

We need to discuss Monica too. I love her powers and the way she took charge of everything. She kept trying to make it back to Westview, despite knowing the danger. Monica never gave up Wanda. That’s why it’s so easy to see Monica becoming a superhero. She has the empathy and determination to go far. Since she has a connection to Captain Marvel, I’m wondering if the two will ever team up. Maybe Wanda and Monica could also be a pair. Though I doubt that Wanda is going to save anyone any time soon. More like she wants to go into hiding.

Which brings me to my next point: the two Wandas. How did that happen and why? Wanda has no use for a clone of herself, much less to do so and then hang out at home. Was that to insinuate that it never was her? Because I don’t think that’s quite right. My guess is that it was to show that SWORD can duplicate anyone, not just Vision. If that’s correct, then how? Someone else must have a power similar to Wanda’s then. This could be the same situation as Monica — they entered Westview and changed.

This is also something I’m wondering. Monica started to change right away so how are the citizens unscaved? It could have something to do with Wanda’s power, but someone must have started to undergo a change. Maybe someone at that last street where everything was slow. Wanda had less of a handle on those people and something could have gone wrong. Then maybe that wasn’t SWORD, but a citizen?

If you have theories on the ending, please comment.

I don’t even want to talk about the whole thing with Pietro. That hurt.

How about miss second witch in town? I liked her to an extent. Obviously I was rooting for Wanda, so Agnes was a little annoying towards the end. But I genuinely like Agnes’ powers and I think she makes a great villain.