Let’s Talk About the Oscars


maya egan, Editor

As someone that loves film, I was very disappointed when February rolled around, and the Oscars didn’t take place, understandably so. It makes sense–most anticipated movies that planned on releasing during the pandemic moved their release dates back due to the closure of movie theatres and the evident loss of box office capital. For example, anticipated box office hits such as Dune and Black Widow were supposed to be released during 2020 and still haven’t been released three months into 2021. These delays have made a tremendous impact on awards season and the entirety of the entertainment industry.

It is evident that the Oscars are going to look different this year due to Covid-19 guidelines. Although I’m not entirely sure how they will look, I think it’s safe to assume that they will be in some sort of hybrid format, where some people are in person at the awards show, and others are either online or in different locations. Either way, the winners will be announced and celebrated, which is all that really matters. 

Speaking of winners, when I looked at the Oscars list, I was shocked at some of the names of movies that had been nominated–I had never even heard of them and didn’t know anything about them. Due to the lack of films released by movie theatres, many of the nominated films were actually released by streaming platforms, including Netflix. As a matter of fact, Mank, a film that streams on Netflix, leads in the nomination count. The fact that this film produced by Netflix is leading in nominations says a lot about the direction in which film is moving–due to the pandemic, people are more inclined to watch movies at home instead of at a movie theater. 

Another exciting aspect of the 2021 Oscar nominations is the increase in diversity with this year’s nominees. In the Best Director category, history was made with two female nominees, Emerald Fennell and Chloe Zhao. Chloe Zhao is also the first woman in color to be nominated in this category. This is an exciting contrast with the Grammy’sGrammy’s, in which many people recognized that there wasn’t enough diversity with the nominees. 

My goal is to watch all the Best Picture nominees before April 25th, the Oscars’ day. Once the Oscars are announced, I’ll be sure to give all of my opinions, but as of right now, I’m hopeful of the direction in which the Oscars are moving to increase diversity within the nominees.