TikTok Made Me Buy It: Makeup Edition

Abby Bozek

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in-between sits down; I have spent an embarrassing amount of money on makeup just because TikTok said it was worth it. Was it a waste of money? That’s to be decided. One thing I learned from this is that drug-store makeup is just as good as expensive makeup. So, let me break down for you which products are actually worth picking up on your next trip to CVS. 


The Essence Lash Princess – $5

Look, I’m always here for a good cheap mascara. They’re probably the makeup item I’ve bought the most of in an attempt to try and find a good one. Better Than S*x, Tarte Big Ego, Benefit Bang Mascara, Maybelline Great Lash, Maybelline Lash Sensational, Urban Decay Troublemaker — I’ve tried them all. Now when it comes to this mascara, the price point is amazing. Comparing it to high-end mascaras which go for around twenty-five dollars, you can’t get better than five dollars for this. It definitely makes your eyelashes look longer, but when you get to layer two it starts to look clumpy. Clumpy eyelashes are not it. It stays on fairly well throughout the day, though it doesn’t hold the curl as much as I would like it to. But when you go to take it off it’s impossible. I tried micellar water, various makeup wipes — nothing. It comes off in weird clumps, and when you try to get it off (in my experience) it tears some eyelashes off with it. Overall, if you’re looking to play around with mascara that will make your eyelashes look existent this is cheap enough for me to recommend, but overall it is not my favorite. 



Maybelline False Lash Lift – $10.49

Now, here’s a mascara I can get behind. When I was looking through TikToks about the infamous Sky High mascara, I saw a video of someone comparing that mascara to the Falsies Lash Life. The individual said that this one ultimately held the curl better, and you could add more layers without it looking clumpy. I personally like this mascara — it doesn’t hold curl that well (if you know a mascara that will actually do this, please comment it down below), but I appreciate the ability to layer it to your own preference of how heavy you want it to be without it clumping up. Overall, I recommend grabbing this on your next CVS trip. 



Elf Camo Concealer – $6

Elf is by far my favorite makeup brand right now — their stuff is genuinely good and really affordable. This concealer is no exception. It is a perfect medium coverage concealer, and I was even able to pick up a shade on a whim in CVS that matched. Looks great, and it’s really affordable! Absolutely recommend this. 


Elf Putty Blush – $6 

I love this product. It’s so easy to use, and the intensity of the color is completely up to the user — you can add as many layers as you wish. Really blendable, and it’s a great price point. Absolutely worth the six dollars. 



Loreal Infallible Pressed Powder Foundation – $14.99

Now, this was a very random purchase on my part;  I have never used foundation in my life. But I saw it on TikTok way too much not to try it. To be honest, it didn’t live up to the hype. I got the right shade, thankfully, but it emphasized my peach fuzz and any bump on my face. It had a light to medium coverage and overall didn’t look terrible. Honestly if you’re into foundation give it a try but if you’re like me and don’t really wear foundation, save your money. 


Not all of these are in my daily routine, and I certainly have a lot of everyday products that I swear by. Despite this, it’s always fun to try a new viral makeup every now and again! I definitely need to try more products, so if you have any suggestions for things I should try leave a comment down below!