Pepe Le Pew is creepy. Don’t pretend that it isn’t and the history of ”cancel culture”.


Alex Conn

Recently cancel culture has been in the news. We have been talking about Dr Seuss being allegedly cancelled even though the people allegedly cancelling him is the Dr Seuss estate. Now Pepe Le Pew is in the news. His show according to many people is encouraging rape culture and sexual harassment.

It is not debatable that Pepe Le Pew is creepy. The entire show is about Pepe chasing a cat and “loving” it and the cat trying to get away from it. That is the definition of sexual harassment. The fact that people say otherwise is incredibly dumb.

This is an open and shut case. The show is creepy. It teaches children bad messages. This is not a social justice warrior thing. I think anyone who is arguing that Pepe Le Pew is not creepy has not seen Pepe Le Pew.

I find it funny that conservatives love crying about how liberals cancel things when conservatives have a long history of cancelling things. Marilyn Manson(who’s not a good guy but for other reasons) was targeted in the wake of the Columbine massacre,10 US Senators sent a letter to his record label asking that he be dropped.

In the wake of the Columbine massacre not only Manson was targeted but violent video games. Newt Gingrich who was the Speaker Of The House at the time blamed violent video games and movies for the shooting instead of blaming guns and or mental health.

Even as recent as the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Shooting Republicans have blamed mass shootings on violent video games.

There is no evidence to believe that violent video games cause mass shootings but Republicans blame them time and time again. Maybe it’s because the NRA bought them but that’s a different discussion.

Now conservatives want us to think liberals are the party of ”cancel culture”. Give me a break.