5 Trends During the First Quarantine That I Liked Best


Allyson Hernandez

The anniversary of the original Covid quarantine is coming up, can’t believe it’s been a year.  Let’s reminisce on old quarantine trends that happened last year. Here’s a  list of 5 trends during the first quarantine that I liked the best, in no particular order.


1.Outer Banks  

Everyone’s obsession with the Outer Banks. Almost every teen that I know has seen that show and loved it. Over the summer everyone wanted to be John B and Sara Cameron. Live that fun and adventurous life looking for the gold that went missing years ago. Who wouldn’t want to be glamorous like a Kooks or free-living like the Pogues.


2.Messed up Sleep Schedule

Going to bed when the birds were waking up. Yep, there was a time that I remember where people were going to bed so late that it was basically light out and waking up in the middle of the afternoon. But I mean who could blame them our school was a joke, all we did was worksheets that were posted. We had nowhere to go and nothing to do, so why not go to bed at 5 am.


3.Whipped Coffee

 Dalgona Coffee which is known as whipped coffee. People loved the idea of it and so everyone started to try to make it. If it was simple enough to show in a 60-second clip why not do it. I mean it’s not like you were going anywhere.


4.Zoom Cast Reunions 

Tv shows reuniting on zoom making the world reminisce about the good old days. Seeing old casts come together and answer questions everyone was waiting so long to hear. Victorious, The Office, New Girl, 90210, Phineas and Ferb, This is Us, Hannah Montana, and many many more. 


5.New Pets


My absolute favorite trend was everyone getting pets. So many people brought puppies into their families and had the joy of having a new member into their family while in quarantine. How exciting!! People also got new kittens and bunnies too.